Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sweet Glow Beauty

(Tori and Mirna)

Our blog started as a simple idea on a car ride home from work. Almost everyday we talked about a new eyeshadow to try, a new lip gloss we found, or our new skincare routine. We are both avid blog readers and keep up with our favorite ones religiously, so we figured why not start our own?

We’ve known each other since we were scribbling Wet ‘n Wild eyeliners under our eyes, desperately trying to get that “smokey eye” our moms’ magazines always talked about. We both had been reading Seventeen way before we were actually 17, or even 13 for that matter. We knew that you can look like a raccoon with too much eyeliner and that boys hated when girls wore sticky lipgloss because it got in the way of hot and heavy teenage makeout sessions outside of the mall. As we grew older our techniques got a little more sophisticated but we never grew out of wanting to know everything about every new product that was plastered all over the upgraded magazines we started reading like Allure and Vogue. We graduated from CVS to Sephora but haven’t become too good for a little CoverGirl.

We might be the absolute perfect consumers because we fall for pretty packaging and cool ads but we always do our research and read a few reviews before we actually go for the $7 dollar mascara or $45 blush. The internet reviews on specific products have been helpful to us both so we decided that we wanted to contribute to the beauty cause. (That’s right, the beauty cause.) Neither one of us is a heavy-duty makeup wearer­--we are mostly lotion, blush, and eye makeup girls. Our blog won’t only be about makeup; we want to include reviews about natural products, good deals, products that might not be worth your time or money, and whatever else comes along. We know that the best and most authentic glow can’t be achieved with just a little Nars Orgasm blush. We think it’s important for girls and women to feel good without the magic of makeup, but it can still be fun to play dress-up.

-M & T