Thursday, March 1, 2012

Essie A Cut Above, $7

It’s all about pairing polishes for me lately. Whether it’s glitter tips, all-over sparkles, or the coveted flakes--I can’t get enough of it!

Essie’s Luxeffect polishes have really caught my eye, in particular A Cut Above.

Here I’m wearing A Cut Above over 3 coats of It’s In The Bag. It’s In The Bag is a super light, almost white pink that works great as a basecoat. You could definitely wear it on it’s own too, but I like having it as kind of a “canvas” for the glitter.

A Cut Above is great because it’s made with big and small round bits of glitter so it looks a lot more interesting than a standard glitter polish. I find that these mixed size glitter polishes are great for doing just your tips or if you want to achieve the ombre look.

(I was told this pairing looks like frosting and sprinkles!)

Final verdict
Cost: Standard polish cost, about $6-8.
Color: Dark rose-gold pink flakes of glitter mixed in clear polish. Looks great over light and dark colors.
Repeat offender?: I would definitely like to own this kind of glitter polish in other colors. Dark purple or black would be pretty great!