Friday, July 1, 2011

Essie Smooth Sailing, $8.00

Essie's Smooth Sailing nail color is a deep blue-gray shade laced with the tiniest silver shimmer that is really only noticeable up close or in the sun. The color appears to be inspired by the ocean and the way it can look blue and gray at the same time and still sparkle in the sunlight. My go-to nail colors this summer have mostly been pastels (these reviews coming soon!) but this lovely shade of blue really stuck out to me and I had to have it.

I've got on a base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat. The formula is on the thicker side so make sure to allow enough time for the first coat to dry before applying the second. The staying power of this polish has been pretty good too, I think I've mentioned on previous Essie reviews that I felt like the polish chipped quicker than other brands but I think either the formula has changed or maybe I'm not being as rough on my own nails.

Final verdict:
Cost: Now that most drugstores carry Essie polishes (Target and CVS definitely do) they are a lot easier to find. I paid full price for this so it was about $8 but if you watch out, these do go on sale at CVS sometimes.
Does the sparkle make it too flashy for everyday?: Not at all, I love that this color can be fun and cool yet still look really sleek and professional too. The sparkle is hardly noticeable so if you are worried about having gaudy nails you won't have a problem.
Repeat offender?: I'd definitely use this polish over and over again. Despite the summery name "Smooth Sailing," I think this polish could also look pretty awesome in the winter with some sort of gray outfit pairing.



  1. I just bought this color at Rite Aid last night for $4! It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Today I'm doing a subtle french mani with 3 coats of Smooth Sailing and one coat of Finger Paints Private Collection (sheer white iridescent) on the tips. I can't stop staring at my nails! :D

  2. That color is gorgeous! I'm pumped to do some shopping at I should add that to the list. I love the ring...where is that from?

  3. iseeyoushine I'm totally jealous you got it for $4! Your idea for a french mani using that color sounds really pretty too

    Glad you are getting the polish too Melissa, it's really pretty. The ring is actually just a mood ring from Hot Topic, Tori got it for me as a novelty gift but I get more comments on the $4 ring than any of my other jewelry!