Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects, $9.99

This is the kind of product that you would expect not to actually work but I promise that once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the outcome! I never thought that I needed an alternative to nailpolish, or that one could exist really (these are deep thoughts I'm having don't you think?) but Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips really deliver.

The kit comes with a small double-sided nail file/buffer, a wooden cuticle stick, and 16 nailpolish strips. Why 16? Incase you have mistakes, according to the product but if you are careful you can actually use one pack of Salon Effects and get a manicure and pedicure (that is if you don't have super fabulous long nails which clearly I don't).

The first time I tried this product I bought the leopard print strips (you can see all available colors and patterns here). Wanting to do an awesome job I decided I should probably do a quick search on YouTube for a tutorial which turned out to be really helpful. But the package also comes with really detailed (and simple) directions of how to apply the strips to your nails.

Here is a quick rundown:
  • File and buff your nails, make sure to push back your cuticles and that your nails are perfectly buffed out and clean.
  • Select a strip that fits your nail (if it's a little big don't worry because once you smooth it out it usually just takes the shape).
  • Peel the plastic and the backing off the strip and break the silver tab at the end.
  • PROTIP: if you want to get more bang for your buck you can also just trim the polish strips so you don't lose too much.
  • Press the strip down to your nail, using your fingertips just smooth it out over your nails.
  • Smooth over the top of your nail using the nail file to remove the excess strip at the top.

Your outcome will be really awesome nails for up to ten days! This is not an exaggeration, if you are a really careful I bet it can last longer. Your nails will probably outgrow the time the nailstrips stay on. When you are ready to take them off, regular nailpolish remover does the trick.

Final verdict:
Cost: $9.99 for a package of nail strips. Keep in mind you can usually get a manicure and pedicure out of one package and it lasts for days. I would recommend doing this before a vacation so you don't have to worry about reapplying polish midweek.
Any tips?: Be patient when applying the nailstrips. I'll be honest, my first time I was very patient and my nails looked better. This time I was a little rushed and some of them didn't turn out looking as even as they could have. Your patience will be worth it.
Is it worth it?: For me it is worth it for the cool patterns. Since this is something I cannot achieve with my regular old nailpolish it is a nice treat to have a product that can offer a unique nail look.
Repeat offender?: Definitely. There is a fishnet pattern I'm dying to try. Though I'm really hoping the popularity of this product will inspire more patterns! Who knows, maybe Sally Hansen will take the route of many other popular polish brands and come out with seasonal collections (fingers crossed).



  1. Their interesting and verry pretty but to price-y.

    Please follow.

  2. oh, wow. thanks for pointing this product out. i'm a total spaz when it comes to putting on polish, so i'll totally try this out.

    (welcome back, SGB!)


  3. Is topcoat necessary, or does it even make a difference?