Thursday, August 5, 2010

Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint, $12

I'm starting to crave cold weather, sweaters, boots, and jackets but I have to check myself and realize there is still a whole month of summer left! So it definitely isn't too late to give you all a review of a new self tanner that I tried out from Victoria's Secret. I was at a wedding not too long ago when I saw someone who had a really awesome tan and I asked her if she had gone on vacation or something. She laughed and told me no, that she used Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint. I filed this under "products I have to try" in my head and went along to the open bar.

Every year I like to kid myself and think that my pale body will tan evenly, but it never does. I picked up this self tanner for $12 at Victoria's Secret and tried it on my legs.

Here is kind of how it went:
  • Whoa this is has a strong smell.
  • This is really thick.
  • Ew is it not drying?
  • Whoa, I look tan!!
  • Whoa I'm still looking tan (4 days later).
Obviously, this stuff is nowhere near a natural product. It is full of tons of crap, half of which I won't even pretend to maybe know about. It has a pretty strong smell, but what self tanner doesn't? It kind of takes a while to dry so this isn't for the impatient (read: Me). But it does work! It definitely gives you an even non-orange glow that I haven't really achieved with any other self tanners. To be honest, I only used it once and kind of just accepted the fact that I'm not patient enough to tan. I think that this is definitely a great product for people who are into tanning, want a nice even glow but don't care to go tanning or lay under the sun, and surely for people who already use self tanners.

Whaaat the what?

Final verdict:
Cost: $12, or 2 for $20 on the Victoria's Secret site.
Does it work?: Yes this stuff works! You have to make sure to apply it evenly and be very patient because it takes a while to dry. Don't go wearing white pants or shorts after you put it on either, it will mess them up like no tomorrow.
How long does it last?: My "tan" lasted a good 5 days! It fades slowly but I also didn't reapply. I only put it on once and it lasted, had I reapplied it probably would have just gotten darker.
Repeat offender?: If I really felt like I needed a glow I would definitely use this. It is a bit of hassle because of the smell and the drying but it delivers the results.



  1. Giiiiiiiirl I need to try this they have one for the face? And how long should I wait before putting clothes back on- it says 5 minutes but it seems like that might not be long enough?

  2. is it really sparkly?? you can't put it on your face tho

  3. Can you put this on your face ?? what happens when you shower does it come off all in shower right away