Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Korres Deep Colour Mascara, $18

A great friend of mine swears by this mascara and when I saw her using it I knew exactly why. In just one or two strokes her eyelashes extended and were full and dark--just like I want! Korres Deep Colour mascara is sold exclusively at Sephora and is probably the first natural mascara I have ever tried.

The mascara goes on smooth, without clumping at all. I only use a few strokes, the brush applies the mascara very evenly so it doesn't require much layering. Though it is not waterproof it doesn't smear off or anything. Since it isn't waterproof it also comes off really easily without damaging your eyelashes. Some mascaras are difficult to take off and you can often lose a lash or two when trying to get it off.

I was really impressed with this mascara and actually bought a full tube of it to try for the first time, I had some serious trust in this product! It was definitely worth the splurge because I am happy with my long and full lashes.

Final verdict:
Cost: $18 for a big tube.
Does it come in any other colors?: This mascara is available in brown and black.
Expiration date?: You read that right, this mascara has an expiration date on the box. Kind of weird because I've never seen that before but I guess it makes sense if it is made with more natural products like rice bran. I ordered my tube so I didn't get to choose a date so if you're in the store I'd suggest looking out for a later date.
Repeat offender?: Yes! This mascara is great and I am so glad I tried it per my friend's suggestion.



  1. yaaaaaaaay! this is so heartening. the quest to find the final mascara edges ever closer to its endpoint. i am so going to get a tube of this. and the professional-sized eyeshadow primer.


  2. DJ, It is a really great mascara worth trying! Let me know what you think! And the primer is so much more useable in this big tube!