Thursday, October 21, 2010

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Professional Size, $29

By now, readers of this blog and everyone who knows me (or Tori) knows that we swear by Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. We originally reviewed the product when we first started this blog and gave it a rave review and even a "where have you been all my life" tag. You can read the review Tori wrote of why this product is so great here. So when I saw that Urban Decay released a Professional Size version of my favorite beauty product I knew it was something I must have.

The Professional Size is a big tube full of the classic Primer Potion in the original nude shade. I prefer the nude shade to all of the other primer shades. The main difference between this and the original bottle is that this doesn't come with application wand. I find that the absence of the wand is actually a great thing! You get more product out of a bottle and you don't have to mess with the wand getting all goopy.

Since I used this product every single day this Professional Size is actually a great value for me. I get a lot more of the primer for $29 which is about $13 more than the original genie bottle. I think that this tube will last me longer and that I won't waste any of the primer. In the genie bottle I think that a lot of primer just gets stuck and doesn't have a chance to get out.

Final verdict:
Cost: $29 for a big tube. This is made for professionals but available for anyone to purchase.
Do you need any kind of tool to apply it?: I find that using your fingers is the best way to apply the primer evenly.
Any tips?: You don't need to use a lot of primer per eyelid. If you take a look at the third picture, I use just about that much primer for my top lid. I have big eyelids so someone else might need even less. I would apply a little less of that on my bottom lash line if I want to line beneath my eyes.
Repeat offender?: I would never buy the genie bottle again now that the Professional Size bottle is available, so yes!


BY THE WAY: The nailpolish in the photo is OPI's Mad As A Hatter, from the Alice in Wonderland collection. I reviewed it here in January.


  1. more importantly, tell us about that nailpolish!

  2. I should have thought of that! The polish is OPI Mad As A Hatter, from the Alice in Wonderland collection. We reviewed it in January, you can see it here:

    Thanks for noticing!