Thursday, October 28, 2010

China Glaze Mummy May I, $2-5

China Glaze's Mummy May I is from their halloween collection (pretty appropriate for this week!). It is a dark cherry/black polish speckled with pinkish purple sparkles.

Mummy May I has a pretty thick consistency and requires 2 coats at least. Anything more might be too goopy. I don't really know why this polish is more thick and globby than others but it is. You have to be more careful and mindful about how much is on your brush.

I love that it goes on exactly as it looks in the bottle after two coats. The first time I wore it, it chipped in a day! I was a little disappointed but this time around I took the precaution and used a basecoat.

Final verdict:
Cost: This polish can be found anywhere from $2 to $5 depending on where you buy it.
Is it only appropriate for halloween?: Definitely not! I wore this polish along with a little black dress to a wedding. It is a fun way to wear a dark polish without it being a solid color.
Repeat offender?: I love the color of this polish but I don't think I'd buy it again. The thick texture and fast chipping turned me off but I wouldn't give up any new China Glaze polishes to try! I will continue to wear this polish but getting another bottle is probably out of the question.



  1. whither the sweetly glowing beauties?


  2. I miss this blog!