Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Nail Lacquers from OPI inspired by Alice in Wonderland, $10

When I think of Alice in Wonderland I'm immediately transported back to my childhood: the innocence of Alice, the mystery of the hookah smoking caterpillar, and of course the eerie amusement of the Mad Hatter. I was more than thrilled to hear about Tim Burton directing an Alice remake, and then equally (if not more) ecstatic that OPI was releasing a special collection of Alice in Wonderland polishes inspired by Burton’s Disney remake. These polishes immediately made my inner "I need to own this thing NOW" list and last weekend I stumbled upon the mini collection pictured here at Trade Secret.

(front of the box)

The collection includes 4 colors--2 glitters (you know my feelings on sparkle polish!) and then 2 solid colors. Since the entire collection consists of just 4 colors, the mini set is appealing because it allows you to own a small bottle of each color. The 4 mini polishes come in a little box that is decorated with a whimsical mushroom and forest scene. The back of the box has equally whimsical descriptions of the colors.

(Absolutely Alice, Thanks So Muchness!, Off with Her Red!, Mad as a Hatter)

“Absolutely Alice” is obviously inspired by Alice’s signature blue dress. However, the polish does not compare to a plain blue dress. “Absolutely Alice” is made of small blue and silver sparkles that is more reminiscent of Cinderella’s ball gown than Alice’s blue frock. This polish looks great with 2 to 3 coats.

“Thanks So Muchness!” is one of two red shades that are included in this collection. This red makes me think of a very luxurious candy apple that has been dipped in a shiny red candy over and over again. “Thanks so Muchness!” is more than just red, it is a ruby red with some very tiny red sparkles mixed in. This would look really wonderful paired with a little black dress.

My favorite of the collection is “Off with Her Red!” This is the second red shade in the collection. “Off with Her Red!” has the coolest name for a red polish ever! This is a very genuine solid colored polish that does not have any added sparkles. The polish’s hint of orange reminds me of the color of blood oranges. I am considering buying the full size of “Off with Her Red!” since it is the perfect bright shade of red.

The fourth polish in the bunch is “Mad as a Hatter.” This polish is the second glitter polish in the collection. “Mad as a Hatter” is a bottle of confetti made with tiny multicolored sparkles, the majority being silver, purple, and blue. This also requires 2 to 3 coats and probably a top coat. A friend of mine who also owns this polish let me know that the sparkles tend to flake of fairly easily. I would suggest an extra top coat to try to make sure the sparkles stay put.

(We're all mad here. . .)

Final Verdict:
Cost: $10.00 for the set of 4 mini polishes.
Collection as a whole: A nice fun range of polishes for the end of winter months.
Repeat offender?: I’d probably just buy Off with Her Red! in a full-sized bottle, but probably not the whole set of mini polishes (unless they are on sale in a few months!)


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