Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers, $10

For Christmas I got this little 4 pack of samples from Benefit in my stocking. It includes 4 of their all-star skin and cheek products in small sizes. Benefit often includes these small sizes of skin products in their gift sets so I thought I would provide a small review of each product even though this particular 4 pack is out of stock at the moment through Sephora.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a self-proclaimed “foundation faker.” It is a light, silky, nude to sheer colored cream that dries on as a powder. It is a very airy cream that is used to take the place of a foundation or concealer by adding a smooth finish to your face. The full size product is $28 and comes with an application sponge and mirror in a fun compact that looks like a record. I’d suggest this for people who don’t like foundation or concealers (like myself) but sometimes want a nice even creamy finish on your face.

“That Gal” is a light pink toned brightening face primer. This cream can be used all over your face, just around the eyes for some added brightness, or on the cheeks for a little added glow. This is a pretty versatile product because of its many uses. The full size product is $28 and comes in a tube that looks almost like a glue stick. It has little holes on the top where it disperses a little, or a lot of the face primer. I think this is a great skin product because it has a very subtle and fresh smell that leaves your face feeling literally “refreshed.”

High Beam is described as a “luminescent complexion enhancer,” otherwise known as a product that can make you look awake when you are exhausted and just want to crawl under your desk and nap. High Beam is so wonderful because it really gives that oh-so-desired glow that we always want to have. I like to wear it right under my eyes and up to the top of my cheekbones because it makes you look instantly awake. The full size bottle is $24 and will last you a long time! This product can be used lightly in the day time or a little heavier for a dramatic evening look.

Posietint is a “poppy pink tinted lip and check stain.” I have used the Benefit Benetint rose-tinted stain (review for that coming up soon!) for years and really wanted to try the Posietint. For me it is a little light because I have slightly olive-toned skin. The Posietint does add a little color and for $28 you get a big bottle that lasts for a long time. The pink looks bubblegum colored in the bottle but on the skin it goes on pretty subtly. I’d suggest this for girls who have a lighter skin tone because the stain will act as a nice everyday blush.

Final verdict:
Cost: Benefit’s full size products seem to average about $20-$30. I would suggest buying a gift set that includes different products because for the same price you are getting multiple products. Since Benefits products seem to go by the whole “a little bit goes a long way” the smaller size bottles are plenty.
Quality: I think that their skin products are definitely high quality but very low fuss. These are all great products for women who aren’t into heavy products but want something light for everyday.
Repeat offender: I would definitely try different Benefit products in the future because everything I’ve come across has been very positive.

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