Thursday, February 11, 2010

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish, $4-8

There isn’t much that I like about winter anymore. After being stuck indoors repeatedly due to multiple blizzards, I--like most other Maryland and DCers--am ready for spring! But since we still have a few more weeks of this unpredictable season I figured I could give you a review of Essie’s special winter shade “Mint Candy Apple.”

This polish is definitely a different shade. Unlike most polish colors out right now this isn’t dark and it isn’t sparkly. This shade reminds me of a toned-down version of Crayola’s “Robin’s Egg Blue” crayon. It is also very reminiscent of that wonderful car color that was often found in the 50s (why don’t they make cool colored cars anymore?!). I love the color but I do have a few gripes about this polish. The main problem I have is that it chips very quickly. Since it is a lighter and brighter color, any chipping or smudging is going to be more noticeable. I had this on for 2 days before it already started chipping. I haven’t tried many Essie polishes so I can’t say if it is a brand thing, but as I try different ones (their shades are always really pretty), I will let you all know! Nevertheless, it is a very lovely polish that stands out on your fingernails.

Final verdict:
Cost: I got mine on Amazon and with shipping it was about $5, but it is marked in stores for around $8.
Main attribute: This polish has such a distinct color that it can really take the place of any accessories you may want to adorn yourself with.
Repeat offender: I’d try different Essie polishes but I would not buy this same color again.


  1. This nail polish color is so pretty!

  2. I really like the color but in my extensive nail polish experience I've come to find essie to be a bad polish brand. The colors are very nice but the polish chips fast. Also I have to put on 3 to 4 coats which takes up a lot of time. OPI 4 LYFE!

  3. I bought this colour awhile ago and it was the first Essie polish I had ever purchased - the most expensive polish I have ever purchased too, around $12. When I went to remove it after a week my nails were yellow - I have NEVER had an issue with yellowing before and never even had a slight tint and I took this one off and have had a yellow that won't remove. I also find this polish chips WAY faster than my other Sally Hansen polishes. Unfortunately, I love the colour, so that's the only reason I keep wearing it!