Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trader Joe’s Oatmeal & Honey Soap, $1.99

For the longest time I would only use body washes and completely snub barred soap. I thought that soap bars were more prone to dry out my skin and not actually produce a good lather, but I was definitely wrong. I also suffer from really super sensitive skin, and not just on my face. In the winter months my legs get so dry that I feel like ripping my own skin off. I did a little research and found out that oatmeal is a really good “cure” to dry skin so I started my hunt for a soap that contained oatmeal to help with the itching. I went straight for body washes that claimed to be infused with oatmeal to help with itchy skin but none of the ones I tried really helped.

I picked up Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness Oatmeal & Honey Soap on a trip to my former place of employment (I remember stocking the soap on the shelf but I had never tried it!). For $1.99 you get 2 full bars of soap (4 oz each) that are made with just a handful of really recognizable (and natural) ingredients. I didn’t think this soap would do the trick but this mild soap is perfect for those of us with dry skin. Not only is it infused with flecks of oatmeal that are so fine you can hardly tell they are there, but it has a really nice mild smell that leaves you feeling fresh and feminine (don’t worry boys you can use this soap too its not just for girls). The soap builds a nice lather that goes on the skin smooth and once rinsed off you can feel that your skin is moisturized. Without any added perfumes this soap is purely for the purpose of cleaning and soothing dry skin. This won’t replace the need to moisturize with a lotion like this one, but it will definitely help with the itchiness and soothe your dry and unhappy winter-abused skin.

Final verdict:
Cost: $1.99 for 2 full bars of soap (a good deal in my opinion)
Scent: Mild, clean, and soft
Repeat offender: I’ve been using this soap for months, I will definitely continue to (just hope Trader Joe’s doesn’t stop carrying it—they do that sometimes!)

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  1. I enjoy using Trader Joe's soaps. In Southern California, the oat & honey soap is sold at $1.69. Whereas their tea tree oil is sold at $1.99. There's another French version with Lemon Vebrana, Lavendar, and Green Tea, but it kind of smells weird at $2.99 under a private label of Tomsavon. The difference: Trader Joe's soap is better & cruelty free. French version is not cruelty free, but higher quality, and I don't really enjoy the scent as much.