Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buxom Lips Lipgloss, Betty, $18

So I think I may have found a lipgloss that could quite possibly change your life. This lip gloss isn't sticky, the color saturates into your lips, and even promises a plump--and it definitely delivers all of the above. I got this Buxom Lips lipgloss by Bare Escentuals in the shade Betty from Sephora as a sample. This lipgloss is different than other lipglosses--sounds like I'm talking about a boy right hahah--but really it is!

Here is why this lipgloss is different: It doesn't feel sticky at all! It goes on in one or two coats and does not feel thick like other glosses. The fact that it isn't sticky doesn't make it less glossy though because the shine is definitely still there. Another reason why it rules--the colors actually goes on and stays on! Some lipglosses come in a color but actually just show up clear. This shade is called Betty and it adds a splash of red to my lips without being overly red. If you have always wanted to try wearing red lipstick but feel a little intimidated this might be your first baby step! This gloss also promises some plumping. Like other plumping glosses this also has a minty feel on your lips. It tingles a little but doesn't quite burn like other lip plumping glosses. I like the minty feeling that the gloss leaves on my lips and I think it adds a little bit of a plump. It doesn't make you look like you just got collagen implants in your lips, obviously if a product does make you look like that you should probably never use it ever again!

Final verdict:
Cost: $18 for a full tube from Sephora. The tube pictured is sample size, the full tube is about twice the size of this.
Does the color show up?: Yes ladies! The color shows up (in Betty at least)! It isn't as deep as it looks in the tube but you still get the sheer effect of it, almost like a lip stain. You should check out the site because it comes in many different shades.
Repeat offender?: I am definitely getting a full size tube of another shade! I think this is a really awesome lipgloss and one that I wouldn't mind wearing all day.


  1. It'd be awesome if you girls could show pictures of you wearing the makeup more often, like how you do for the nail polishes.

  2. Thanks for the comment/suggestion! We try our best to get some photos that are true to how products actually look in real life but sometimes it just doesn't work out like we would like. We will definitely try harder to get more pictures of products on us : )