Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Korres Blush, $24

(Korres Blush in 22 Purple)

Sephora had a sale on Korres Blush for a while ($10 instead of $24), so I decided to try it out. One thing that got me interested is their all-natural stance: they don't use parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates (ok, I don't know what the last one is, but I'm sure a quick trip to Wikipedia will tell me it's probably not good). Sephora gives it their natural seal, basically saying they found this makeup to be awesome and awesome for you. Sounds good! Also, I was interested to try a "purple" shade since I always lean toward pink or peach.

(Korres Blush)


The container is really clean and fresh, reflecting their belief in simple, natural products. First thing I noticed (as you might have in the first pic): umm, this isn't really that purple. Looks to me like a dusty rose shade. But, ok, still a really pretty color. Just not really what I expected.

The blush itself is really soft and very highly pigmented. I'd recommend dabbing the blush brush in once, lightly, before adding more. It's not shimmery per se (like my standby, Nars Orgasm) but it does have very subtle light-reflecting particles that add the tiniest bit of glow. Really cute and natural!

I put on a lot here for the pic so you could really get an idea for the color. I think it's beautiful and the texture is super light and smooth. I gotta say I'm impressed!

Final Verdict
$24 is almost the price I pay for Nars, and with a great product I understand why it's expensive. I say if you find a color you like, it would be worth it. You don't have to use much so it would last a while. Sold only at Sephora (or Amazon!).
Glowing: The blush is light and soft, and the color is highly pigmented, sprinkled with glow-inducing loveliness. It would be really nice for someone who wants a little bit of sparkle without it being obvious.
Color: You'll want to check out the colors in-person first--I was expecting a deepish purple and got a dusty rose instead. Not a bad color but a bit of a surprise, for sure.
Repeat offender: Based on my experience with this, I would definitely buy more from Korres. I'm not really in the market for more blush but their other products seem interesting. Plus, they seem to go on sale a lot, which is always a plus!


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  1. Korres has great products. Their lip glosses are amazing btw theyre never sticky and the color just sinks into your lips plus theyre super mosturizing.