Monday, May 10, 2010

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box, $38

I know we have done a few Urban Decay eyeshadow reviews for you all so you really don't need me to tell you how awesome their eyeshadows are, but I still can't help but gush! I got this palette a few weeks back when Urban Decay had a special 30% off promotion. The Deluxe Shadow Box comes with 9 different eyeshadows, two double sided sponge brushes, and a small tube of my beloved eye primer.

I decided on this palette because I really wanted something with some colors that were nothing like I had. I was initially going to go for some single shadows but I realized I'd be spending about the same on 2 shadows that I would be for 9! I picked the Deluxe Shadow Box due to the blue shadow called Peace. I thought that it was sooo pretty and would be wonderful to use as a liner. This palette also doesn't have any of the same colors that Ammo has. The only color I have a single shadow case of is Ransom and this is a beautiful neon purple that makes my eyes pop, so more is fun!

This sleek palette is perfect for me because it includes a variety of neutrals and some daring shadows that will suit whatever mood I am in. I also love the tiny bottle of primer--this will definitely have a place in my bag whenever I go out of town (I tend to always pack heavy so the smaller the better).

Final verdict:
Cost: $38, that is about 4.20 per eyeshadow. Personally I like to buy palettes if I think I will want to use all the colors in them. Obviously some I will like more than the others but it is worth it to me to buy a palette filled with options for around the same price as only 2 shadows. More bang for my buck right?
Are the shadows as pretty as they seem in the box?: Yes! Urban Decay eyeshadow is and always will be one of my go-to shadows for this reason--they look the same on your eyelids as they look in their packaging.
Repeat offender?: I'd like for Urban Decay to put out some new shades of shadows. I wouldn't want to buy another palette if it has repeated eyeshadow shades that other palettes do. But like I said before, I'll keep getting their shadows as long as they keep making them!

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