Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maybelline Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow, Carbon Frost, $5

When I saw this little gem I couldn't help but get it. Maybelline's Color Pearls Marbleized eyeshadow in Carbon Frost is an awesome combination of two shadows that are layered with so many shimmery swirls which make your eyes twinkle. The Carbon half of Carbon Frost is a nice silvery-coal colored shimmer eyeshadow. It can go on more grayish or black depending on how much you layer it. However, it is not a true black shadow it is more of a gunmetal. Paired with the Carbon is the Frost, a pink shimmery shadow swirled with different grays and silvers with an added pearl effect. The pink is very cool because it never goes on the same. Obviously it doesn't look THAT much different, but the swirls make the color vary slightly each time you swipe it across your lids.

What I do when I wear this is start with the pink frost over my eyelids and up to the brow bone. I then use a brush to spread some of the dark shadow around, usually in a cat-eye shape. I then take some more of the pink and blend it in the center of the eyelid. This results in a dark shimmery look with a touch of pink. You can also use each shadow individually or use the dark color over the eyelid and the pink as a highlighter.

I'm very satisfied with this eyeshadow and love that I am pretty much getting two for the price of one. There are many other Color Pearls Marbleized eyeshadows you can see here.

Final verdict:
Cost: Around $5 found at various drugstores. Don't forget to look around for Maybelline coupons or sales at drugstores, you know they are always going on!
Does the shadow hold up all day?: Used with primer this shadow lasts just as long as any high end shadow.
Is it really shimmery?: This shadow is definitely as shimmery and it looks in the case. It has tiny sparkles laced throughout so if you don't like shimmery shadow this isn't for you. If you are like me and don't differentiate between evening and day eyeshadow, the shimmer will be perfect for you!
Repeat offender? I definitely want to try another duo of the Marbleized eyeshadows by Maybelline, I also want to try some of their other kinds of shadows. So my answer is yes, this is a repeat offender!

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