Friday, January 22, 2010

Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel, $45

(Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel in Bright)

I received a sample of Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel in Bright with one of my many purchases. The point of the “gel,” it says, is to even out the skin color under the eye and to “brighten” the eyes, to make you look more awake. The first thing I realized is that “gel” is a complete misnomer; it’s really more like whipped foundation.

As you can see, the texture is airy. This actually made it harder for me to get an even coat—it seemed to snag on all the imperfections it was supposed to cover! Once I got it blended the best I could, I felt a not-entirely-unpleasant cooling sensation (perhaps a little too cold for winter, though). Once set, my skin did feel velvety smooth, even though I could still pretty easily see my under-eye darkness. I tried to layer more on but soon gave up. It started to look really obvious I was wearing a lot of makeup under my eye, a look I’m not really into. I felt a little disappointment, which soon turned to shock when I looked up the price. No thanks!

Final verdict:
Cost: Are you kidding me?? $45 for 0.3 oz?? I’m almost personally insulted.
Blendability: The “gel” actually has more of a whipped texture, which made it hard for me to blend.
Bright eyes?: Not particularly. The cooling sensation was just okay—I didn’t really see my eyes perk up like I expected. The coverage was okay. The finish was nice and smooth, but just not enough to make up for its other flaws.
Repeat offender: Hell no. I mean, as a product it’s alright, if it was, like, $7. Even then I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but at least I wouldn’t feel like an idiot for spending $45 on something that’s just . . . okay.


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