Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sephora by OPI Sparkle Nailpolish, $9

(Untarnished Image, Worth My Weight, Too Good for Him)

If you’re like me, and your idea of heaven is attending a roller disco with Cher, hot dudes, wearing gold roller skates, and an amazing outfit of tube socks, hot pants, and a gold top to match your skates, then you really need to get your butt to Sephora and pick up their sparkly nailpolishes! Ok you don’t need to be delusional and certifiable like me to enjoy sparkles but these nailpolishes are just so fabulous a roller disco heaven is the only way I can do them justice.

(Worth My Weight)

I first got the gold polish which is called “Worth My Weight.” This polish is so pretty because it has these big gold sparkles mixed with different colored glitter pieces, which gives a hologram effect. Unlike other sparkle polishes I have used, this does not have any base color; it is pure glittery flakes. Two coats and your nails actually are a gold color, not just a lame sheen of gold.

(Too Good for Him)

The next one to try is the special New Year's color appropriately named “Too Good for Him.” Not only is it purple sparkles, but its name is just, well, too good. I sported this polish on New Year’s Eve and I was told by at least 3 people how I was the most sparkly person at the party—my sequined top may have helped too. The purple sparkles are laced with blue and silver ones as well, offering a nice range for the main color to stand out.

(Untarnished Image)

The third polish is a silver bottle of perfection called “Untarnished Image.” This silver is probably my favorite of the 3. One coat gives you a pretty sprinkle of silver sparkles (say that five times fast), 2 coats gives you a rich full silver nail, 3 coats makes you feel like a princess. Seriously the silver just goes on so easily and shines so much you can’t help but look down at your hands. This color is great for toes too—I imagine it would look great with a pair of black open-toed pumps.

It is really important to use a base coat and a top coat when wearing these polishes. My only complaint is that they are really hard to take off with nailpolish remover. In a way it is nice because the manicure lasts for longer than a week but when you are ready to take it off it might take a little muscle. The base coat is going to protect your nail from the strong polish (I’m guessing it dries on harder than a regular polish so that the sparkles stay put). The top coat offers a smooth finish—if you don’t use a top coat the texture of the nail dries kind of grittier.

Final Verdict:
Classy look or tacky look?:You aren’t going to look like some crazy club kid when you wear the sparkle polish. The polish is an unexpected touch that does not overwhelm your look.
Repeat offender?:These big bottles of polish are hard to go through and the colors are limited edition. I would definitely buy them again but I probably wouldn’t need to because one bottle lasts a long time. I would however really love to collect any new sparkle polishes that may come out, a hot pink is what I have my heart set on!


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