Friday, January 29, 2010

Nars Orgasm Blush, $25

I knew about Nars’s Orgasm blush long before I ever used it. Orgasm is like the iphone of the makeup world, the hype surrounding it is deserved. The name Orgasm is pretty memorable, because lets face it, sex sellz. So over the summer I decided to try out the Nars Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer duo, the gift set even came with an Orgasm shade nail polish. From the first time I used it I knew that this blush would replace any other blushes I have ever used. Not only does it color your cheeks but it makes your skin actually glow. I have always wanted to achieve that perfect polished glow on my cheekbones but I never thought that a blush would help me achieve it. But I guess with a name like Orgasm the glow better be included.

I put this on last when I’m getting ready in the morning, but it can also be the only thing you put on. Sometimes I’ll come home from work looking mad tired, and I’ll just brush some on and look awake again, it truly is the finishing touch. A few light sweeps of this and your skin already looks better. I admit, I go a little heavy on the blush in the morning because I figure I’ll touch my face a million times before I even step out the door but I never feel like I’ve caked it on. Its texture is light enough that you can wear it in the summer and not feel like you have anything on your skin. The color is marketed as being sheer but I would say it’s more complex than sheer. Sheer sounds like pantyhose--Orgasm is thigh highs. It’s a layered mix of pinks, golds, and corals, with a sheen and a sparkle, and no overpowering colors.

How to:
1. Using a basic blush brush, put a little or a lot of blush on the brush.
2. Tap excess blush off of brush.
3. Smile and brush on apples of cheeks. If you want an extra glow move from the apples up your cheekbones (this is what I usually do).

Final Verdict:
Cost: $25
How long the makeup stays on: The product is pretty good at staying on most of the day, it definitely fades in color throughout the day but there seems to always be a hint of the glow on your skin. I usually reapply a few strokes in the afternoon if I really want some color in my skin.
How long the actual product lasts: I’ve had mine since June and use it daily and it is nowhere near close to being done. This stuff is pretty potent.
Repeat Offender?: Yes, definitely, more, please.



  1. I've always been so hesitant to try this because it's so popular, but maybe I will!

  2. because of all y'all i just bought this a few weekends ago. so far, sooo love. thank you, ladies. --dj