Monday, January 18, 2010

Urban Decay’s Urban Ammo Eye Palette, $36

(Urban Decay’s Urban Ammo Eye Palette)

This palette includes 10 classic eyeshadow shades by Urban Decay which are all very versatile and easy to blend. The colors are all very rich and can be worn separately, lightly, heavily, blended, or even just dusted on the eyelids. The colors look best when worn with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer because it seems that the primer just makes the colors a few layers deeper and it just pops on your eyes. The palette is packaged in a compact and light case with very cool velvety details on the cover and a good-sized mirror inside. The palette definitely screams rocker from the outside, with an image of a purple gun blazing out skulls, butterflies, flowers, and hearts (Urban Decay really knows how to decorate a palette). Inside the palette is a double-sided eyeshadow applying brush that is very useful. Sometimes palettes come with brushes that don’t seem to help with eyeshadow application, but this small tool is definitely going to come in handy. This is a good set to take with you wherever you go because it is small and lightweight but still has 10 options to choose from.

One of my favorite shades in this palette is the shade Last Call. This shadow is not purple and it is not pink, but it’s somewhere in between the two. I usually just wear it piled on heavily on my lids with some black eyeliner and black mascara. It makes your eyes stand out without giving you that sick look you can often have when wearing a pink or reddish shade of eyeshadow. Another winner in this palette is the black glittery shadow called Oil Slick. I love using Oil Slick with almost all of the other colors in this palette. If you use one of the other shades and then blend a small bit of Oil Slick you have an instant colorful but still smokey eye. When going out at night, I do like to wear Oil Slick by itself (with the primer of course) for a look that Tori and I like to call “Rock of Love.” You know what I’m talking about, those chicks on Rock of Love may be trashy but sometimes their makeup just looks really badass! With the primer the black does not crease at all and goes on evenly. Overall this is a really great palette with shades that can work for pretty much anyone and it can also be a great gift to give.

(Oil Slick on my finger)

Final verdict:
Cost: I’ve seen it priced differently but it is always between $36 and $40. For ten shades of shadow in a compact case, with a mirror and a brush, it seems fair.
How long does the product last?: I have had my palette for well over a year, some of the shadows I use more than others but it is nowhere near being close to finished. The shadows look small but their intensity makes a little shadow go a long way.
Repeat Offender?: I’d say yes but the stuff never runs out! In terms of Urban Decay brand eyeshadows—definitely.


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