Thursday, August 12, 2010

Classic SGB: Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, $5-$8

If you're gonna trust anyone regarding eyeliner, trust Mirna. This is a perfect staple that's available everywhere and is reasonably priced.

This is by far my number 1 go-to eyeliner. I have been using this eyeliner for years and have tried others that are similar but none of them ever compare. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner is a twist-up eyeliner that does not even require sharpening (but comes with a small sharpener anyway!). I hate hate hate to sharpen eyeliner pencils. I feel like I always end up wasting a bunch of pencil and/or always screwing it up and breaking the pencil somehow. When I look for an eyeliner it definitely has to be the retractable kind.

I use this eyeliner almost daily. I like to try different eyeliner (obviously) but I always come back to this one as my main product. The Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner often comes in a two pack (as pictured) so I always try to buy a few since I know I will be using it often. The two pack is also usually priced about the same as the single pencil.

The eyeliner claims to last up to 16 hours, but I can testify that it lasts LONGER than 16 hours, especially when used with a primer. Although it does not say it on the front of the packaging this eyeliner is actually always waterproof. I've said this before but I usually have makeup on when I go to the gym in the evening (I don't apply it for the gym I swear--I'll admit I do touch up sometimes--yikes!) but it does not move at all even with all the sweating! I also want to note that while I was writing this review I drew a little line of eyeliner on my hand and a few minutes later tried to rub it and it did not budge at all.

The tip of this eyeliner in not very thick and if you practice it enough you can definitely get a handle on how to achieve a thicker or thinner line. I find that it has a very versatile tip that is controlled by the pressure you apply and how close you hold the pencil to your eyelid. Overtime the technique you develop will help you control the pencil even better. I can pretty much apply this stuff in the dark. The eyeliner pencil is soft so you can either layer it on or use just one stroke and blend it with a brush to "smear it." Even though the pencil is soft, it is not weak. What I mean by this is that it doesn't break if you apply a lot of pressure to it like some other retractable pencils do.

Final verdict:
Cost: The Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner is priced between $5 and $8 depending on where you look. Like I mentioned above, I recommend the two pack because it is a great value and you will have some eyeliner when you run out of the first pencil!
Tips: Do not roll up the pencil too much but don't keep it too low either. You should have the pencil rolled up around 4-5 millimeters (you don't need to measure I'm just estimating). The pictures of the pencil in this post are a good example.
Does the pencil actually go on black?: The pencil is a true black. It does not go on light black--I've had this happen with other brands it is so NOT COOL. I feel very strongly about my black eyeliner dammit.
Repeat offender: If Revlon ever stopped making this I'd wear black for 40 days straight. No really, I swear by this stuff.

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  1. I just bought i'm excited! :D