Monday, August 23, 2010

The Youth As We Know It by Bliss, $79

I received a sample size jar of The Youth As We Know It by the skin care line Bliss from a recent Sephora purchase. This skin cream is "an extraordinary anti-aging moisture cream" that promises to revitalize and protect skin.

The cream is light and has a faint citrus smell to it. When you put it on your face it feels super refreshing and kind of has a slight cooling effect. The product doesn't feel super heavy on the skin when blended in either, rather it dries quickly and gives you that "tightened" feeling.

I think that this cream is really excellent but I can't say that it has really given me any results. I can't do a side-by-side comparison of how I will look with or without this cream in ten years so reviewing it based on whether it works or not is kind of difficult. Obviously I am 24 years old and it's not like I have wrinkles to begin with but I am all about prevention! I think everyone should take care of their skin (this goes for men too, they hardly moisturize!) because it is so sensitive and we all feel confident when we look our best.

I can say that I like this moisturizer because of the texture, scent, and how it feels on my skin. However, I'm not a fan of the price or the fact that it doesn't have any SPF. The instructions specifically state to follow with SPF but I'm more into having a daily moisturizer with SPF included. The product is definitely pricey and I wouldn't splurge this much on it but I'm sure there are people out there who wouldn't mind the splurge for a good product.

Final verdict:
Cost: $79 for a large jar of this cream.
Does it hydrate your skin well?: Yes! When you put this product on your skin it feels instantly hydrated but not greasy or oily. Like I said before, it kind of "tightens" the skin.
Repeat offender?: Based on the price I wouldn't get this product in the full size. I like my sample but I'll stick to something that will make my wallet happy as well as my skin!


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