Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Distortion, $18

I love Sephora's Beauty Insider points program. I racked up 500 points and got a set of 4 Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliners plus this Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Distortion. I was more excited for the pencils than I was about this, but I thought, why not try it out? And I'm really happy I did!

First of all, this stuff is super glittery. This particular color is full of light-colored, iridescent, pearly glitter pieces. (Check out their other colors on Sephora's page.) I thought it would be hard to get a lot of glitter out (kind of like cheaper glitter nailpolishes that go on mostly clear) but was surprised at the amount that gets on your skin. It's really easy to use--the glitter goes on easily and dries in an instant so you can layer on more and more (if you get excited like I do!).

What really sold me on this is that it does NOT come off. With a lot of glitter products the pieces will fall all over your face and get your eyes (ouch). But, I put this to the test: The other night I used some over my black eyeliner, just on the corners (it looked fab, I must say). I danced and sweated all night and it didn't move at all! Perfect for the party-goer in all of us!

Final verdict
$18--about the same as other Urban Decay liners and shadows.
Easy: The product comes out easily on a thin liner brush, making it easy to put on a little or a lot. Plus it dries quickly, so it doesn't get everywhere, and you can layer as much as you want.
Glittery: OMG, so glittery. And with more applications comes more glitter! You could probably wear it on its own, but I think it would probably look best (and more dramatic) if you put it on top of a good eyeliner.
Stays put: Unlike a lot of glittery eye makeup, once this dries (a couple seconds) it won't move at all. No need to worry about it getting all over your face, no matter how hard you party!
Repeat offender: I'm in love. I kind of wanna buy them all! Actually, I really like the Catfight (bright pink) and Stagedive (bright turquoise) colors. If you love glitter, you'll absolutely love this liner.


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