Friday, August 6, 2010

OPI Start to Finish Base & Top Coat, around $10

As you know, a good base coat and top coat can help keep your nail polish looking nice for a while. I decided to try OPI's Start to Finish because it's 2-in-1: base and top coat. I love the convenience of just having the one bottle. Plus, they have this one which is Formaldehyde Free--that's always good, right?

This stuff smells a little strong but is really easy to use. OPI's amazing brush shape means that you need only one to two quick strokes to get it across your whole nail. It sweeps over your nail completely and fills in the ridges, drying quickly and cleanly. Just a couple of minutes and you're ready to put on your polish, or go out with clean, natural-looking nails.

It works nice as a top coat, too, and I've noticed that is it good at keeping my nail polish from chipping. It adds a nice glossiness that some colors lack.

Final verdict
Around $10, depending on where you buy it.
Convenience: It's nice to have the first and last steps in one bottle. The brush is wide and it dries quickly, so I'm done in no time.
Lasts: It does help in keeping my nail polish on longer.
Repeat offender: I'd buy this again. It is a little more expensive than a bottle of nail polish from OPI, but I use it with every manicure. My favorite part is that it dries quickly and evenly--perfect for my messy, impatient self!

Next week we're going to take a break from reviewing new products and instead re-post some of our faves. Have a great weekend!


  1. Great post! I'll keep this one in mind :)

    My favorite base/top combo used to be "Double Duty" by Sally Hansen.

    Its half the price of the OPI and works just as nice, plus it has "Strengtheners" in it!

  2. I might have to try that one, Jackie! I always love a cheaper alternative!