Thursday, August 26, 2010

L'Oreal Revitalift Complete Night Cream, $12-15

Recently I had a slight panic attack about the potential for wrinkles, fine lines, etc.--I think it was from some article I read in the New York Times about French women and their obsessive skin care and wrinkle prevention regimes. I know some people are rolling their eyes right now thinking "wow, really?" but hey it's my skin and I want to take care of it! I mean we are supposed to moisturize anyways so why not buy something that says it will help with wrinkle prevention too?

Needless to say by obsession lasted about a day but I did pick up this jar of L'Oreal Revitalift Complete Night Cream in the process. I've been using this cream pretty regularly every evening after removing my makeup. I like to rub it into my skin, especially around the eyes, cheeks, and the neck. Though I can't tell you if I have seen any results from it yet (ask me in 10 years maybe?) I can say I do like to use it nightly because it makes my skin feel super soft the next day.

The cream is on the thick side so if your skin is already oily this probably isn't going to be the best bet. It seems to be working well for me and I find that a little bit goes a long way. Another thing to note is that it has kind of a heavy lotion smell that may not be favorable to many people. It doesn't bother me because it smells pretty fresh but a friend of mine (who joined me in the wrinkle freak of out 2010) said she didn't really like the scent of it because it came off a bit strong.

Final verdict:
Cost: You can find it around $12-15, and you will definitely be able to find coupons! Cheaper than Clinique and Lancome skin products!
Do you think it works?: I may never know if using night cream is going to help prevent wrinkles on my skin but I know I like the soft and fresh feeling I have after I put the cream on and even the next day.
Repeat offender?: I probably won't buy this cream again because like mascara I tend to want to try a different face cream each time I need a new one. But I would recommend it to someone looking for a low cost night cream.


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  1. Yes.I am agree with you. These type of products really improves our appearence.No matter how well you have looked after your skin, once the Elastin content begins breaking down the natural elasticity of your skin will lose its spring.So by using anti aging face
    regularly we can avoid wrinkles and see the difference on our skin.