Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sephora Collection Super Shimmer Lipgloss, Pink-o-lada, $10

What I've got here is a sample size of the Sephora Collection Super Shimmer Lipgloss. I don't use lipgloss the way I used to in high school but I thought I'd try this out because it is so pretty and shimmery. This lipgloss comes in many shades you can find here and this one is called Pink-o-lada and kind of makes me wish I was sipping on some pink lemonade alcoholic beverage!

So I put this lipgloss on and just kind of hung around, didn't eat or drink anything, made sure to smack/lick my lips and it is still on! The lipgloss is that traditional gloss texture but it isn't very thick or sticky. I love the fact that it doesn't feel stick on my lips, however if your hair touches your lips it will definitely stick!

The gloss goes on pretty much clear but has little bits of shimmer in it that show up on your lips as well. I don't mind the sparkles because they are so subtle and small. It gives your lips a really glassy look that can look great if you are trying to have something go on with your lips but don't want to wear lipstick.

Final verdict:
Cost: $10 for a full size tube which is twice the size of the tube pictured. I think that is pretty good!
Does it last?: This gloss has lasting power for sure. I love how even after a little while your lips still look glossy.
Will I have to reapply?: Face it ladies, I don't think there is a lipgloss that doesn't require reapplying! I think that you will surely have to reapply after eating or drinking but the lasting power is pretty good otherwise.
Repeat offender?: I think I could definitely make this a go-to lipgloss. There are so many different shades that I'd be interested in trying, especially the shade Red Velvet.


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