Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Classic SGB: EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, $13

We have yet to find other tools that are this soft and yet don't fall apart. Even the more expensive ones fall short!

I've bought a few makeup brush kits in my life, and have had my share of disappointment--the bristles fall out, the metal part comes off, or they're just not that soft. I started to think, "Are there brushes out there that are high quality, soft, not too expensive, and maybe even earth-friendly? Is this too much to ask for?" Then, Mirna showed me this brush set from EcoTools.

For $13, the EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set comes with a blush brush (pictured here), eyeshadow brush, angled brush, eyelash brush, and concealer brush--the 6th piece is the holder that keeps everything organized and protected. It even comes in a resealable plastic pouch (I put the brushes in it when I'm traveling).

These brushes are soft. I mean, really soft. And they're made really well--I haven't had any problems with bristles falling out or anything like that. They're cut evenly, which then distributes color evenly, and the handle is light and durable. Quite possibly the most exciting part is that they're earth-friendly: the handle is made from bamboo (low-impact resource), the aluminum on the handle is recycled, the roll is made from cotton and hemp, the pouch it comes in is totally reusable, and the bristles are synthetic and completely cruelty free. Awesome.

My cat approves.

Final verdict
Cost: Probably the best brushes you can find for such a low price. The cost of one Sephora brush gets you the whole kit! Totally worth it. Plus, it's available at a ton of places like Target and Walmart.
Quality: No one would believe you paid less than $20 for these. They are soft, work well, and are easy to use.
Guilt-free: Cruelty-free, natural and recycled materials, how can you go wrong?
Repeat offender?: If I somehow break one I'll definitely buy more in the future, but they've lasted me a long time! The holder really keeps them neat and clean, and after a year or so I haven't run into any problems. Makes a great gift!



  1. I love your new model!

  2. I have this same brush set and I love it. I'm glad you liked it too. BTW your cat is so cute :D

  3. My kitty is such a little model. I turn on the camera and he just poses. Maybe I'll include him in other posts :)