Monday, July 26, 2010

Essie Cute As A Button, $3-8

I started craving a really pretty and fun pink color polish last week so I popped into Trade Secret and picked out this bright pink polish by Essie, Cute As A Button. This polish is perfect for when you need a nice splash of color without being obnoxiously neon (not to knock neon but sometimes it is just a bit much!).

A friend of mine described it as a color that reminded her of 1950s bathroom tile. If you know me, you know that I love retro things--especially styles of the 50s--so I thought this description was perfect!

I haven't really been too satisfied with other Essie brand polishes but this polish was pretty good. I put on three coats to achieve the full vibrant effect. I think their formula usually requires three coats and a nice steady hand because it seems to streak a little more than other formulas.

Final verdict:
Cost: I got it for around $8 but I looked online and you can find it for about $3 on Amazon, but don't forget shipping adds a few bucks too!
Does it chip easily?: It did start chipping after three days but not too awfully. I think it was pretty good as far as lasting effect goes.
Repeat offender?: I would go for another pink since there are so many options but I definitely like this polish and will continue to use it for a nice feminine touch to my look.



  1. Mirnz-

    can you please tell me where you got your shirt, neckalces and rings?! I loooove the shirt and necklace!!

  2. Lovely nail color. And love the necklace and the rings =)

  3. Thanks guys! The shirt is Lucky Brand and the jewelry is all Forever 21 except the snake ring which is BCBG.

  4. awesome color. so great. will check it out.