Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color, DVD, $6.49

Me and Mirna are too funny. We weren't hanging out, not texting, didn't even contact each other, but on the same day we bought the same nail polish. She got Laser and I got DVD (actually, she told me later she got DVD, too). Great minds think alike!

The main difference between these colors is that Laser is much more blue, while DVD is a bit lighter with a lot of purple thrown in.

I'll mirror what she says: This nail polish is awesome. It's psychedelic, cosmic, and holographic. I think the best part about it is the very fine glitter--it gives it an amazing sparkle and a great amount of depth. It seems to be a different color depending on the lighting (which is why I ended up staring at my nails all day!).

(in the shade)

I had it on for maybe 5 days before I noticed any kind of chipping, and even then it was slight. I used a base coat, 3 or 4 coats of the polish, and a top coat.

One warning though--it took a long time to dry for me. I smudged it hours later. But, it's completely worth it. And it could even work as a thin coat of sparkle on top of a deep purple or blue.

Final verdict
Less than $7!
Color: AMAZING. This is one of the more interesting colors I've bought. It's so iridescent and sparkly!
Lasting power: Even with my reckless self, my nails lasted a good week before they chipped (and the chips were tiny).
Repeat offender: I would totally buy another one of these. I'm thinking of the really cool green shade. BTW, there's totally a contest where the weekly prize is to win all 8 shades! Oh, I think you could win a TV or an iPod or something too. :)



  1. I've been looking for this one! Thanks for the link to the contest =)

  2. My favorite of the entire set!