Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sephora Collection Harmony Trio Bronzer, Rose, $16

I made it my mission to get into bronzers a lot more this summer. This little compact was included in The Waterproof Bronzing Kit that I purchased a little while ago (and have been reviewing bits and pieces of it ever since then). This bronzer is a mix of three varying shades including a dark copper color, a rosy bronze, and a sheer yet shiny beige.

There are a few ways to make this bronzer work for you, they are all pretty straightforward. You can just take a brush and swirl it all on the compact itself, though you might end up mixing the colors a bit. You can even just stroke your brush across the palette and blend the different shades on your cheeks (with the brush) as you please. Another use for this bronzer is to just use the different shades individually for your eyes. The third tone would be a great highlighter and mixing the first two would probably create a pretty cool eyeshadow shade.

So far I've used this on my cheeks over some blush for a subtle bronzing effect. I was wearing a deep cut dress on Friday at the beach and decided to bronze up the exposed area of my chest. It definitely made a difference! It made me look more tan but didn't look weird because I didn't use too much. Just a little tip, I know you guys aren't dumb but seriously only do this if you are wearing dark colored clothing. I can just see a pretty light-colored top getting ruined by bronzer because we want to bronze our boobs (lol).

Final verdict:
Cost: $16, I think this is a little too expensive because this is a pretty small compact. Last week they had it on sale on the site for half off so if you are interested I would just keep my eye out for a sale. The set it came in was $28 total and came with a lot more stuff.
Is it hard to get an even bronzing color because there are 3 shades?: Not at all. The three tones blend beautifully to give you the glow you want. You don't really have to worry about it looking like you have three different colored streaks on your face. Just remember: Blend! Blend! Blend! It really does wonders.
Repeat offender?: Though I'm giving it a good review I'd say no. It is a little too small for $16 and with so many bronzer options out there I'd feel lame just sticking to one kind.



  1. what a great idea for a blog! I quite like the bronzer colours here!

    Check out my See by Chloe giveaway if you like! xxx

  2. I like this color... I dont know about the price I would need to try it out first!

  3. this is soooooooooooo lovely!!!:)

  4. great colors!