Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OPI Princesses Rule!, $9

Calling all things girly!

There we go :)

This is the baby pinkest, sparkliest, girliest nail polish ever. And I'm so in love with it!

Makes me wanna leave drama aside and channel my inner 5-year-old!

This polish goes on smoothly, like all OPIs. It's pretty sheer, so I'd recommend 3 coats if you're trying to get it as pink as possible. Just don't load it on too thick--as with most glittery polishes, it tends to get goopy if there's too much. Per usual, this polish has great lasting power.

(3 coats and a clear top coat)

I love it with 3 coats, but it's just as pretty with 1 (shown above with my fluffy kitty!). It's a light, natural sparkle with a pink close to the bare nail color. It would work as a super shimmery top coat as well. Try pairing it with a hot pink or a dark purple.

The sun really brings out the shine.

Um, did I mention the sparkles?

Pink, silver, and slightly multicolored--too pretty!

Final verdict
$9, typical OPI.
Color: Baby pink, emphasis on the pink. Gorgeous! Apply 3 coats to really see the pink. One coat will give you a sparkly top coat with a hint of pink.
Sparkles: So many sparkles! Looks fabulous on its own and amazing as a top coat.
Easy:One thing I love about this polish is that it's easy to put on quickly. It dries pretty quick and hides imperfections. No need to be perfect! You're a princess, you'll look fab anyway.
Repeat offender: I will totally buy it again. I love it! Where's my tiara?



  1. "Calling all things girly!" I love it. The girly things just run to see the new polish. :)

  2. nice pink !!
    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  3. i love the kitty! more kitty!


  4. Haha, DJ, I love my kitties too! I try to get them in the pics but sometimes they're fussy lol.