Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lorac On Screen Duo, Fame & Fortune, $7 (on sale from 24)

I impulsively purchased this eyeliner/highlighter duo from Lorac last time I placed an order on It was/is on sale for $7 from $24 so I thought it would definitely be worth it to try it out, especially since I've been wanting to try a cream eyeliner. Lorac's On Screen Duo comes in a nifty little jar that holds the pot of cream eyeliner in the bottom part and a small highlighter/eyeshadow in the top lid.

To apply the cream eyeliner I just used an angled brush and it worked out really well! I don't have much experience with cream eyeliners but I was surprised that I could get it on so easily and evenly. My favorite part about using a cream eyeliner is that you can get as close as you want to your lash line, so you definitely avoid that weird space that sometimes your eyeliner misses.

I applied some primer and topped that with the highlighter/eyeshadow. I didn't really like it as an eyeshadow but it really is the perfect shade to highlight your brow bone. I don't think I look too good in a pale nude shimmery shadow. The cream eyeliner goes over the eyeshadow fairly easily as well.

The cream eyeliner stayed on for the day but I contribute this to the primer. I feel like it might not stay on as well without it since it is so creamy. My other gripe is that I feel like it isn't black enough. I want my eyeliner to be super duper black and this doesn't feel like it is the darkest, purest, most pigmented black that it can be.

Final verdict:
Cost: $7! Can't beat that for a cream eyeliner, especially one by a brand like Lorac. Hurry and get it while you can for this awesome price.
What is the best part of using a cream eyeliner?: Like I mentioned above it is great for getting super close to the lash line, but it is also awesome to line the bottom eyelid as well. I found that I had way more control using an angled brush than I do with an eyeliner pencil. I was able to apply eyeliner to my bottom line without smudging and even doing it ever so subtly made my eyes pop. It is also great because you can definitely achieve a fierce cat eye with cream liner!
Repeat offender?: I think I have been converted to a cream eyeliner in a pot user. I really want to try the MAC kind because it is extra black. I like the Lorac cream eyeliner but I don't think I would get it again only because I'd prefer it darker. But it is a great product and a really good deal!



  1. I hate that weird line between the eyeliner and my lashes! It is my most frustrating makeup challenge, that little line of skin.
    Nice photos, by the way---as always. You guys could be merch photographers.

  2. Hi I awarded you the I Love Your Blog award.