Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel, Blacktrack, $15

MAC's Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel is one of my new favorite products that I know I will continue to buy over the years. I have only had this product for about a couple weeks and I already can't live without it. This pot of black eyeliner gold is a purely perfect product. It goes on easily, stays on, and look so freakin' fierce.

I know I'm gushing hardcore but this product really deserves this much attention! The Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in Blacktrack is perfect everyday eyeliner that can be adjusted and used however the makeup wearer pleases. It is pure black and the gel is super easy to put on.

At first I was using a brush I had that wasn't exactly clean, I had used it with other eyeliners and let the products dry up on it making the brush too hard, even after I rinsed it. When I put on the Fluidline liner the first time it didn't go on as dark or as smooth as I had hoped. Distressed but determined to make this work I turned to my one of my best friends who I shall call the MAC Queen. She has a ton of MAC products and suggested that I purchase this liner. She told me to make sure I use a clean brush and once I did it made the biggest difference! You can use an angled brush or just a thin brush, whatever you feel comfortable with, but just remember to rinse your brush right after you use it so that the leftover liner doesn't dry up and ruin it! I just rinse my brush with water and use my fingers to get the liner off, nothing too complicated.

I love this liner because I can get it super close to my lash-line, get a thin line, or a thick line and it always comes out really beautifully. The other great thing is that it stays on! I use a primer of course, but this stuff doesn't really budge. It also comes in multiple colors you can find here.

Final verdict:

Cost: $15, a little bit goes a long way and it is about as much as buying a pencil liner.
Do I have to get a special brush?: You might have a brush on hand that will work just fine, just make sure it is thin enough. An angled brush is also a favorite when it comes to using eyeliner in a pot.
Is this good to achieve a cat-eye?: This is perfect for a cat-eye look! You might have to practice a bit but it will definitely be the best product to use to get the look.
Can I use it under my eyes?: Under eyes is a little trickier, I suggest using a lot of primer and a thin brush, go slowly, and remember you can always darken or thicken the line as you please.
Any tips?: I usually start lining the top of my lid starting in the middle and then work my way to the sides. That way if I have too much liner on my brush or something it is already going in the thickest part of the line.
Repeat offender?: YES YES YES!



  1. Isn't it the best? Do you use the Blacktrack or any of the other shades? I really need to get some thinner brushes for thinner lines!