Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Waterproof Mascara in Very Black, $4-$10

As promised to two loyal readers this week, I've got a mascara review, a waterproof mascara review to be more precise. I love to try different mascaras each time I run out because unlike other beauty products it seems like most mascaras are truly unique formulas. The one I picked up is Maybelline's Waterproof Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in Very Black.

Alright so here is the rundown, this product promises "zero clumps," "clean definition," and "voluptuous volume." Do we get all 3 promises? Not so much, but two out of three isn't so bad. You definitely get "clean definition" and "voluptuous volume" because this baby goes on thick and dark. I really love the look of super dark voluptuous lashes and the "clean definition" is referring to (in my opinion) the fact that this stuff dries super fast. But "zero clumps" is something to argue. Ok so I'll give them this, there are no clumps on the brush, because as you can see it is one of those new plastic brushes with the little plastic spikes sticking out as opposed to a traditional brushey-brush (technical word, I know!). But clumps definitely appear on the lashes after a few layers of mascara. I like to layer mascara on a few times, and around the fourth brush stroke this mascara starts to clump. It isn't a horrible problem because I've been dealing with clumping since I started using mascara, I don't really see it as a product turn off.

Final verdict:
Cost: You can find this priced between $4 and $10. I found it on Amazon for $4.99 and on for $6.99 (with a buy 1 get one 50% off special). Not bad.
Brush functionality: I love the long and thin shape of the brush. If you look carefully it has an hour-glass shape with a point at the top, designed to hit even the shortest lashes. I think the brush's design is definitely a winning point for me here.
Does it clump?: If you layer it on too thick (as I tend to do) yes it does clump.
Is it waterproof?: Yes, I went to the gym with it on, even took a shower with it on and it stayed in place. After getting wet if you touch it with your fingers it does flake off, but it doesn't run down your face like in the movies. Also, it dries on thick and hard, so you aren't going to have soft lashes.
Repeat offender?: I don't tend to repeat mascaras but this is a pretty good deal, it is a big bottle what will last a long time and it achieves the promised look. I dig it.

PS--In honor of Earth Day has a special 40% off on green and natural product, thought I'd share that with you guys! I noticed some Burt's Bee's products are in this sale too so stock up if you are into a specific one!



  1. Thanks for reviewing the waterproof mascara! Now I wish I had waited until this review to get this instead of Maybelline's waterproof Great Lash, but that's not working out too badly, either, though I still get some undereye smudgies after falling asleep on the carpool ride home after work.

    I might have to grab this too, especially for future weddings (so many weddings) that either end in happy tears or hour-long-tearing-up-the-dance-floor marathons.

  2. *sigh* i remain hopeful that The Ultimate Mascara Formula is out there for the buying. my ideal would be hypoallergenic, not waterproof (because my lashes, already way short, tend to break off when i have to use more vigorous eye-makeup-taking-off methods), nonflaking, true black, and truly lengthening (see not about lashes being already way short).

    further up and further in, ladies!


  3. This product is such a wonderful gift for girls.
    Thank you for using this blog...