Monday, April 12, 2010

Sephora by OPI, Ocean Love Potion, $9

For my birthday one of my best friends included the equivalent of crack for me in my gift—OPI nailpolish. She shares my addiction to the polish, though hers might be slightly further along than mine (lol girl together we probably have the whole damn collection) so of course she picked out a color I didn’t have and it is also something I don’t have ANYTHING like. Ocean Love Potion is a gorgeous turquoise meets robin’s eggs blue meets amazing.

The color looks best with two coats, and is really rich. Sometimes darker colors have that thin quality but this one does not at all, two coats and you can’t see any sheerness or anything. I’ve topped it with Wet n Wild Mega Last Quick Dry topcoat. This polish is bright and colorful without being obnoxious and definitely gives the warm weather vibes. As you can see, I keep my nails short most of the time (this is because they just start breaking after a certain length) but I think it looks pretty good on a short nail and could look just as good on long nails.

So said friend and I have been scoping out the Sephora site/stores (DC area and NY—I told you we have problems hahah) for a few weeks waiting impatiently for their Havana Nights collection. The colors are available to drool over here but they haven’t been released yet! If you like this Ocean Love Potion color you should see this collection coming up. There are a lot of different blue and green varieties that I am definitely going to be acquiring and a lovely coral that I think will be perfect for the summer! Watch out for reviews on those coming up in the near future my lovelies!

Final verdict:
Cost: $9, the standard cost for Sephora by OPI polish.
How rich is the color?: The color is definitely noticeable and rich. Can be used as an accessory without actually having any jewelry on.
Repeat offender?: Is the sky blue?


  1. I love this post gurl! It looks lovely on your nails. I'm so syced for havana nights that collection is gorg, lol will probably be checking sephora for it again sometime this week. I will let you know if they have any of the new colors immediately!

  2. Thanks hun! I'm so excited for Havana Nights too, I'm totally claiming 4 that I will definitely get NO MATTER WHAT lol.