Friday, April 30, 2010

Snapware Storage Container, $6.99

So I bet you are wondering, why the hell is Mirna reviewing Snapware, has she given up on makeup and dedicated herself to storage units and will now be reviewing them? Yeah, I know you aren't wondering that buuuut I am reviewing this nifty storage case because it is PERFECT for storing makeup, and trust me I need help with organization!! I bought this beauty from Target, they come in a few different colors but I went with the magenta. Unfortunately, they don't have a link to it on their site so if you want this you will have to scope out the organization section at Target, near the crafting stuff (like sewing machines, etc).

I store these cases on my bathroom sink, one on each side. They come with three interlocking trays and two magenta inserts that each have three smaller compartments. I took out the inserts because nothing I have was small enough to fit in them, plus I like being able to see everything out in the open. You can use the inserts to store cotton balls or small makeup brushes.

On the top trays I keep the items I use most often, in one I have my most used eyeshadows and palettes and in the other tray I keep all the things I go to almost daily (blush, mascara, eyeliner, blemish stick, you get it). These are awesome because they are clear and easy to see everything you have and they are plastic so if you spill you can clean it up easily! The other trays I have split up into categories, I have a tray for lipgloss and lipstick; face stuff (blush, bronzer, primers); eyeshadows, mascaras, and eyeliners; and finally one full of samples I get when I purchase products from Sephora and elsewhere.

I like this storage method best for many reasons. Number 1, it is cheap. Number 2, it doesn't take up a lot of space but provides a lot of storage. Number 3, I get to be OCD about how I organize my makeup. You really don't need any other reasons do you? Soon enough I'm going to have to buy another one like this! I have a giant one for my nailpolish collection, maybe one day I'll show you guys that too : )

Final verdict:
Cost: $6.99--I like.
Is it functional?: Definitely guys! It keeps your makeup clean and organized. I used to just store stuff in makeup bags and eventually something would spill or break and get gunk on everything else in the bag. This way it all just sits neatly in the trays. You can also store this under your sink or in a closet and just bust it out when you are ready to get dolled up!
Repeat offender?: I will definitely stick to storing my makeup like this for a long time. If you can't find this particular kind of storage case, just check the craft aisles and storage aisles of stores like Target. These kinds of trays are targeted for crafting storage so you can definitely find them in a lot of stores.

So how do YOU organize your loot? If you get something like this, take some pictures and show us what you do to stay organized!


  1. Awesome! That's a really cute set up. I was just saying how I outgrew my makeup organization and needed a new system. I was thinking about getting something this weekend. I'll post a pic when I get it done!

  2. I have this in neon green. I need to find this magenta. I also have a larger blue box I use for first-aid.