Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap (bar), $1.50

I went to Trader Joe's the other day and decided to try their Tea Tree Oil Bar Soap. I love TJ's, love their oatmeal soap, and really love tea tree oil. A lot of all-natural beauty products (especially soaps and shampoos) contain tea tree oil--it's a natural astringent, is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and may even have some of the same skin-clearing benefits of benzoyl peroxide (thanks, Wikipedia!). Plus, it's $1.50 for 2 bars--what do you have to lose?

I loooove the smell of tea tree oil. The first time I smelled it was when I got pure tea tree oil to clean my belly button ring (lol). I opened it and was like, "Whew!" It's strong! But there was something in it that is really clean and natural--nothing smells quite like it. The fragrance is much less intense in this bar soap compared to the pure oil, but still is distinct. The soap smells nicely in the shower but doesn't leave much of a lingering scent.

This vegetable soap is all-natural and contains no animal byproducts (and, of course, there's no animal testing). A lot of all-natural soaps don't really lather that much, but this one soaps up really nicely. I used a loofa (mesh sponge thing) and was surprised at how much lather I got out of it. It left my skin feeling tight and clean--I used it after working out and it felt like it really cleaned away that yucky, sweaty feeling.

Final verdict
Cost: $1.50--are you kidding? That's nothing! Totally worth it.
Smell: I love the scent of tea tree oil, but it may not be so great to everyone. Try smelling some before you buy it. (They have the oil at TJ's, but smell lightly!)
Clean feeling: This soap left me feeling clean and left my skin feeling tight. I think I could probably even use it for my face if I'm feeling really oily (with some light moisturizer).
Repeat offender: I would buy this again. It's a deal and it's a great, cruelty-free soap. Yay, TJ's!


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