Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aveeno Pomegranate + Rice body wash, $6.99

I first smelled this body wash at my friend's house after she had come back from a trip to CVS. I couldn't get the fresh smell out of my nose so I knew I had to pick up my own bottle of Aveeno's Positively Nourishing Smoothing Body Wash in pomegranate + rice. I tend to just use bars of soap but realized that having an exfoliating body wash would probably come in handy when taking care of my dry skin in the colder months.

This body wash smells really good, I don't know if I smell pomegranate exactly but it isn't an overpowering perfume smell or anything. It is nice and mild but lingers on your skin for hours after the shower. It seems like it is saying this smells like pomegranate and rice but honestly there is no rice smell and it is worded a little awkwardly. The bottle notes that rice beads and walnut shells are included in the body wash as exfoliants, not that it is a rice scented.

I don't use this body wash daily but I do use it pretty regularly. I enjoy the light exfoliation that leaves my skin feeling very soft afterwards. If you're allergic to walnuts be careful because there are actual walnut shells in the body wash.

Final verdict:
Cost: The price varies but it is around $5-7 at drugstores depending on where you go/live.
Does it actually smooth skin?: This is a mild body wash that definitely does the job of smoothing your skin but it does it very gently. The exfoliants aren't harsh and neither is the scent.
Repeat offender?: I really like this body wash and I would definitely buy it again.


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