Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Conditioner, $6

A few months ago I reviewed Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Shampoo, which I liked and have been using ever since. Recently I ran out of my old conditioner so I decided to try the matching one to the shampoo. It has the same wonderful smell I raved about in the previous review.

The consistency is weird and surprised me. It's very thin and pearlescent--reminds me more of a shampoo or body wash. I'm not really used to a conditioner being as thin (or thinner) than a shampoo. It makes it so that you actually have to use a bit more than normal. I don't use too much conditioner, just on my ends really, but I still have to use a bit more than I'm used to. When you put it in your hair, it seems like it just disappears.

That being said, it's not that bad of a conditioner. After a couple uses, I could feel my hair regain its moisture it had lost in my no-conditioner-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-buy-some week. It's not a big difference, but my hair feels like its normal, healthy self. Even if I do have to use a bit more to get there.

Final verdict
$6 is a good price for all-natural conditioner.
Smell: It has that yummy fruit punch smell the shampoo has. Mmmm . . .
Consistency: The consistency is more like a thin body wash. It's very liquidy and kind of disappears into your hair. You might end up adding more and more, wondering where it's all going.
Moisturizing?: It's alright. It works okay on my fine, oily-prone hair, but it wouldn't work well on anything thicker or dryer.
Repeat offender?: I wouldn't buy this again. It's just so thin! Like I said, it's not terrible, and it's working right now, but it's not as rich and moisturizing as I would have hoped. I think most people who have color-treated hair (which this is meant for) would need extra moisturizer from the drying effects of color, and the conditioner just doesn't deliver.


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