Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy, $28

I originally bought the Blemish Therapy powder as a cheaper alternative to the $60 Skin Revival Treatment. The Skin Revival definitely worked for me somewhat, but not enough to spend $60. Plus, this is powder you can see, instead of guessing how much is left in the container!

It is basically a mix of mineral powders that is supposed to treat blemishes, shrink pores, reduce blackheads, and even-out skin tone. It comes with the little brush seen here. The main ingredient is sulfur (used to treat acne), which is backed up with other natural ingredients like their "soil mineral concentrate" (to exfoliate and reduce pores), white willow bark (pores), tea tree oil (cleanse), clay, farnesol, algae, and aloe vera. It's absolutely chocked-full of pure and natural ingredients, which is great because I feel better putting less chemicals on my skin.

That being said, it doesn't, um, smell that good. Like, at all. It smells pretty bad, actually, kind of like moldy, muddy tea tree oil. But since it's a powder the smell doesn't last too long (if it were a lotion it'd be awful), and I've actually gotten used to it in a pretty short time.

I've used the powder for about a month now. When I apply it after I wash my face at night, it doesn't feel like anything--it's very gentle. I think the powder form helps with its gentleness. It's easy to put on with the brush they provide (even over larger areas), and you don't need to use too much. The color slightly hides the blemish and definitely conceals redness, but my skin happens to match the powder so I'm not sure if it would blend in the same for every skin tone (though they claim it will).

I have seen a big improvement in the areas of redness and inflammation--it calms my skin down significantly. After I pluck my eyebrows, for example, I've swept the powder across them to reduce inflammation and prevent the little zits that pop up afterward. When I do get zits, they're much smaller and heal faster (especially if I don't touch them, such a bad habit!). These two things, to me, make this product totally worth it. My pores can get huge and irritated, my skin can be an oily mess, and this totally takes care of it. I do feel like I'm getting less blemishes as well. It didn't do too much for my blackheads--I don't see an improvement in that area at all. But, the other benefits outweigh this slight downfall.

Final verdict
$28 is a little pricey, but not as bad as their $60 treatment. The powder seems to last a long time. It's worth it, in my experience.
Natural, gentle: I love this because it's all natural. It does smell all natural, though! It's very gentle--great for sensitive skin like mine.
Effectiveness: I've seen a great improvement in skin tone, pore size, blemishes, and overall oil control. I didn't see much change in my blackheads.
Repeat offender: I will definitely buy this again. I'm happy with the results, even if my blackheads are still here! I would recommend this to anyone with problematic skin, especially if other chemical-rich products irritate you.


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