Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sephora Collection Atomic Volume Mascara, $15

I've got a bag full of sample products that I've received from my many cosmetic purchases over the last few months and one of the products I reached for this week was the Sephora Collection Atomic Volume Mascara. This mascara promises "the most volume out of your lashes with just one stroke" and "extreme volume." I can attest that this mascara does indeed add volume to eyelashes in as little as one stroke. I don't really spend time curling my lashes or anything but this mascara definitely provides a good lift and even adds a bit of a curl.

The mascara goes on pure black and dries fast. I hate when your mascara takes a while to dry and you accidently end up with smudges on your brow bone. The mascara dries tightly so you aren't going to get soft lashes. It is a mascara that delivers a dramatic look as opposed to a natural one. I am noticing that most of the Sephora mascaras are getting pretty good reviews!

Final verdict:
Cost: $15 for a full size tube (the one in the pictures is sample size).
Does it actually deliver extreme volume?: This mascara plumps and elongates your lashes for sure. I have long lashes anyways so it might work better for me because it is just giving a boost but I'm not sure if it will be as effective for shorter lashes.
Is it waterproof?: Nope. I learned this at the gym yesterday!
Repeat offender?: I really like this mascara but like I've said before, I like to try different ones each time. I'd suggest it to anyone looking for something that elongates lashes.


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