Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Badger Sleep Balm, $10

Badger Sleep Balm is something different, something you might be skeptical about, but it is definitely worth trying. The balm comes in a nice tin that seems to be the standard packaging for balms. The tin is adorned with a resting little badger and a soothing promise as a sleeping aid.

The Badger Sleep Balm is lavender and bergamot scented, offering a nice soothing herbal smell. The smell is so soothing that even if you think that a balm won't help you sleep it will definitely relax you. I've been using this balm for the past few nights, rubbing some on my temples, neck, lips, eyelids, and even on my hands and cuticles. I can't get enough of the fresh herbal smell so I end up slathering it on all over. It is not too oily and thick.

Though I can't tell you this will knock you out like you took too much cold medicine, I can say that it is a nice addition to winding down before bed. It can be compared to aromatherapy, the smell just takes you to another place and prepares you to clear your mind.

Final verdict:
Cost: You can find this for around $10 in stores like Whole Foods or on Amazon. There are different balms you can try as well!
Do you think it actually helps you sleep?: For me it helps me relax, clear my mind, and prepare for sleep. I don't think that the balm actually aids in my physical sleeping though.
Repeat offender?: I would definitely buy this again. I think that I will keep this balm by my bedside for a long time because of its serious soothing quality.


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  1. This is the type of product I would buy just because the packaging is so cute.