Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Natural Soap, $5

A little while ago I reviewed Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Solid. I loved the smell, but was disappointed at its lack of staying power. I decided to try their soap this time, because I still can't help but want to smell like a blood orange all the time (and this was much cheaper than the perfume spray!).

Thankfully, the soap is just $5 (for a pretty big bar) and smells exactly like the perfume solid--maybe even more so! The soap is just your basic all-natural soap, made with natural and vegan ingredients, including actual bits of blood orange.

The soap works well (like most bar soaps it can be a little drying), and smells fantastic. The smell lasts a little longer than the perfume solid. It especially fills your shower and bathroom with the wonderful scent. Mmm . . .

Final verdict
$5--very reasonable!
Scent: Smells exactly like the perfume solid I raved about earlier. OMG, can't stop smelling it!
Guilt-free: No chemicals, no animal products, and good for the environment. Portions of the sale even go to supporting clean water projects.
Repeat offender: I'd buy this again. I can't get over the beautiful smell! I would probably use it as a hand soap more than for my body, though. That way I could use it often and have the scent fill up my bathroom.


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