Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume, $9

Have you ever had a blood orange? They're really awesome--looks like a typical orange on the outside but is blood red on the inside. They taste like a tangy orange mixed with a hint of grapefruit. I love them, so I got really excited when I saw a perfume by Pacifica that promised to capture their scent.

The minute I smelled it I was in love. The other scents they had at Whole Foods smelled great (fig, gardenia, hibiscus) but I kept coming back to this one. The smell kind of sneaks up on you--at first it just smells like orange but then you get the grapefruit, strawberry, and raspberry. It's sweet and subtle and, at least in my case, addicting.

PS, don't you love the idea of a solid perfume? It just seems so feminine and subtle. It's also really convenient to carry around because you don't have to worry about it spilling in your purse. Although, I think I'll wait until it's not 100 degrees outside to do that! This one's great because it's completely vegan and is made with natural oils.

So, I really love this scent, I love that it's eco-friendly, and I love the idea of a perfume solid. The only problem is that the scent doesn't last. I put it on and a little while later I can't smell it on my skin (boyfriend couldn't either). But, since it's just a balm, really, I could just use it on my cuticles, lips, or other dry skin areas. Maybe I'll just focus on it as a balm that smells good, rather than a perfume that's in a solid form.

Final verdict
$9 seemed a little high at first, but I know it's going to last me forever. Plus, I couldn't resist the scent. Their other products are a little more pricey ($18-$20) but from the good reviews it seems like they're worth it.
Smell: Oh em gee, it smells really good. If you love oranges (especially blood oranges) I highly recommend checking this out.
Does it last?: Unfortunately, no. While it smells really subtle and sweet at first, the scent doesn't last on your skin very long.
Repeat offender: I wouldn't buy the perfume solid again because the scent dissipates so quickly. But, I will definitely use it as a balm until it's done. And I will also check out the other products in the blood orange collection--the body butter seems like it would be really nice. And hey, if oranges aren't your thing, check out their other scents! They have a ton, I know you'll find one you like.



  1. I've tried this one! It is really great. I love solid perfumes. My first perfume ever was a solid compact of honeysuckle that I shoplifted from the Drug Fair.

  2. Hahaha, Lynn, I love it! Don't you just love the smell? Do you have problems with it lasting, or is it just me?

  3. You know, I just tried it in the store, so I can't judge its longevity . . .

  4. I bough the grapefruit one and the scented didn't last on me either..too bad!