Friday, June 4, 2010

CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion, $7-$8

I have sensitive eyes, so I can never wear waterproof mascara. I actually have a lot of problems with regular mascara, especially if it stiffens your lashes and flakes everywhere. But, I've had pretty good luck with CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara--doesn't hurt my eyes at all!

Is it just me or are tubes of mascara getting bigger and bigger? The brush is pretty big too. I actually ended up poking the end of it onto my eyelid twice when I first used it, but I got used to it quickly and it didn't happen again (thankfully).

CoverGirl claims that this mascara will lengthen, define, and thicken your eyelashes. Well, it definitely lengthens and defines. As you can see in the pic above, the plastic brush has really tiny bristles that catch even the measliest of lashes. There are no clumps at all, so your lashes separate nicely. But, I wouldn't say that it thickens your lashes that much, if at all. If you're looking for length, thickness, and definition, or just for really thick, dark lashes, this isn't the mascara for you.

What's great about this is that it leaves my eyelashes feeling really soft, and it doesn't flake at all. It comes off pretty easily with water and doesn't feel like it's going to pull my lashes out. And actually, it doesn't really smudge that much either (a little, but not that much).

Final verdict
$7-$8, available at drugstores, Target, Amazon, etc.
Texture: No clumps at all. It leaves my eyelashes feeling soft and doesn't flake on me. Really comfortable for my sensitive eyes.
Fusion?: It claims to do it all--lengthen, thicken, and define. It lengthens and defines pretty nicely, but does not thicken.
Repeat offender?: I don't think I'd buy this again. I'm happy that it doesn't bother my eyes, is easily removed, and doesn't smudge too much. And it works well for a clean, daytime look. But it didn't really deliver on its promise to do all 3, and I was really hoping for thickened and defined lashes. Ah well, I'll use it until it's done.



  1. i love the original lashblast, i love this new version, looks awesome.

    xx raez

  2. Thanks for your comment darling...I've never tried this one for lashes..I love Diorshow, really big and strong lashes...