Tuesday, June 8, 2010

L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Shocking Shadow Pigments, $9-$12

Well, I tried High Intensity Pigment's cream eyeliner a little while ago and didn't have that much luck with it. In the same trip to CVS I grabbed one their Shocking Shadow Pigments in Exciting.

I'm not sure why but I was under the impression that HiP's colors were generally matte. When I picked this up though, all I could see was the beautiful purple-pink-white iridescence. And if you know me, you know I can't resist anything that sparkles.

The color is predominantly white with a pink iridescent shimmer.

The eyeshadow is a loose powder in a tiny little 0.05oz. jar, which can get a little messy if you're not careful with it. Make sure it's closed all the way but don't close it too tight (stripping the inside)--I've learned from past (dumb) experiences! But, this closes pretty securely, so I'm not really worried about it leaking.

One thing that made me okay with paying $11 for eyeshadow is the free brush. It's a pretty good size (especially for the small container) and is soft. It grabs the powder well and makes it easy to apply.

As you can see, the color shows up really well. It would work great for any part of the eye (lid, eyebrows, corner) and as a highlighter. It blends well and seems really subtle at first, but then sparkles when you turn.

Final verdict
$9-$12, depending on where you get it. (Look for it and other colors on Amazon for around $9).
Color: Wow, the color is incredible! Dynamic, iridescent, and subtly dramatic (what a great oxymoron). If all the colors have this much life, I'll buy 5 more.
Easy to use: The brush it comes with is a great size--much bigger, softer, and more useful than most free eyeshadow brushes. The powder goes on easily and blends and builds well.
Repeat offender: I'd definitely buy this again! I want to go out and try other colors, too. HiP, you disappointed me with the cream eyeliner, but this totally makes up for it.



  1. I should get my hands on these pigments they look so fab.loving your blog. Hope you could follow back

  2. I love oxymorons, so I totally dig the "subtly dramatic" phrase. :D I can certainly see you getting a lot of use from these pigments. The shade is so wearable and that brush that came with it is a keeper for sure! :)

  3. Thanks, Kim and Witoxicity! I can't wait to try layering the color with some other eyeshadows!