Monday, June 14, 2010

OPI's Green-wich Village, $9

One thing I love about summer is the freedom to try wild colors on your toenails. Wild toenails and wild shoes--can't go wrong! I recently took out one of my old favorites: OPI's Green-wich Village from their Mod about Brights collection. The name always makes me think of New York in the summer.

The green is like a Granny Smith apple mixed with the upholstery of an awesome retro couch. I wore them with my awesome Seychelle heels. I like to use this as a touch of color in my outfit--keep everything else dark with blacks, grays, and dark denim.

Final verdict
Originally around $9, but can be found on Amazon for as cheap as $3.
Color: Gorgeous and rich, bright but not neon. Very retro! Definitely use at least 2 coats though, otherwise the color won't be as opaque.
Repeat offender: I love this color, and would buy it again if I run out! It's a great saturated green without being too powerful or young.

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  1. That's such a pretty color!!! I'm going to have to get that!

  2. Always happy to fuel a nailpolish addiction! <3