Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Refined, $26

For years I have wanted to try MAC's infamous Mineralize Skinfinish but for some reason or another have put it off until this weekend I found myself at a makeup outlet that carried a few Skinfinishes from past (but still pretty recent) collections. I picked up this particular skinfinish in Refined. This is not a new product but MAC still makes the skinfinishes just in different shades. You can also still find Refined for sale online.

This pressed powder comes in a dome shape and is a beautiful swirl of golds, pinks, and bronzes. I thought that this would be perfect for summer and since I was in the market for a bronzer-type product I thought that this would be what I was looking for.

Using a regular blush brush you can use the skinfinish as you would blush. What I do is apply it like I would blush (apples of the cheeks up to the cheek bone) with a few heavy strokes--don't be scared to use too much it is subtle! I then take the brush and apply just a light dusting on my nose and all over my face for a nice smooth shimmery coat.

I don't wear any other skin products like foundation or anything so for me the skinfinish is perfect to even out my skin and add some dimension with the swirls of shimmer. I think this would be great to use with a skin primer as your base but moisturizer helps hold the product on your skin.

Final verdict:
Cost: $26-28, it is a little pricey but well worth it! It is also very big so you are definitely getting your bang for your buck.
Will it work on all skin tones?: The best part of the skinfinish is that it is a multilayered marble of colors so no matter what your skin color this is going to uniquely work. But of course we all know what works for us so use your own judgement, there are plenty of shades out there!
Repeat offender?: Oh yes. I am completely infatuated with this product and I am mad at myself for waiting so long to have it in my life. One of my friends is a MAC loyalist and has been using this for years so I knew it looked good--why did I wait?! I am going to definitely get one with a pink hue and I want one for the winter that has a white pearly effect.

PS--I tried to get a picture on my skin but they all looked awkward, sorry guys! By the way don't forget to follow us so that you can find out about something really awesome/special we have planned!!


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  1. I have a similar thing that I use that has a slight pink hue to it by Laura Geller called Ethereal Rose. When I saw the picture I thought I might be seeing that product. Also marbled colors and baked and needs a brush to apply. I use it more for special occasions. Shimmers too. I love it. Glad you are happy with this one. Great for summer.