Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sephora Collection Nailpolish, Curacoa, $5

This beautiful bright blue nailpolish was part of the Sephora Collection Waterproof Bronzing Kit. I have never used any Sephora Collection nailpolishes so I was really excited to try it, especially because this blue is like no other blue I know.

The nailpolish bottle is fairly small but this polish is really vibrant so you could definitely get away with a single coat. I have on two coats and a topcoat in the pictures. This blue goes on smooth and evenly and is very true to the color even on the first coat. I am really impressed with the formula of the polish because it dried quick and has not chipped at all in the 3 days I've had it on.

This is definitely a great summer color that was included in a perfect summer kit. I will be reviewing other parts of the kit in later posts.

Final verdict:
Cost: Individually these polishes are about $5 but the kit which includes a mini lip gloss, full-size mascara, full-size eyeliner, full-size bronzer, this polish, and a carrying case was $28.
How is the quality?: This is my first Sephora Collection nailpolish and I am very impressed! I love how vibrant the color is and when you put it on your nails it is completely opaque, even with one coat.
Repeat offender?: I love this polish I will definitely go for other colors in the future. Though they don't have the color Curacoa available to buy individually there are other blues that are worth checking out like the color Myrtle and Bleu Jean.


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