Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sephora by OPI, Read My Palm, $9

Jade nailpolish is what is up this season. I have seen so many different shades of polishes that are jade colored it is crazy. Read My Palm from the Sephora by OPI Havana Nights collection is the first jade polish I have tried so far but I think I am going to get some more because I can't get enough! Read My Palm is beautiful and rich. In the bottle I didn't really think it possessed that actual jade color but once I painted my nails the jade color really comes out.

I used two coats of polish, this particular color looks best with two because one is too thin. I love it because it is so bright and seasonally perfect! I think that it is a really classy way to have fun-colored nails if you are hesitant to go for color.

I used a topcoat as well but this polish just shines so much! It looks like a patent leather shine and I have to admit I am really feeling it. I would classify this polish as one of the middle-jade tones that are out right now. It isn't too light but it isn't exactly dark either.

Final verdict:
Cost: $9 for a full size bottle.
Does it chip quickly?: This lasted without chipping for a week the last time I had it on.
Will it clash with the color of my clothes?: Sometimes I am worried that it might look weird with certain colors of clothing that I am wearing but then I think it looks pretty cool because it usually just stands out in a good way. I think it looks cool against the coral-orange shirt I'm wearing in these pictures.
Repeat offender?: Hell yeah, I have a new obsession with collecting more jade polishes! If Sephora by OPI releases more you can bet I'll be buying it.



  1. This is a really pretty shade. Green goes with a lot of colors but I can see how you would have to plan your clothes around it.
    The ring is awesome - really makes the polish even more appealing.

  2. great colour! love that ring :)

  3. Thank you! I have tons of rings and I keep getting more, they make the nailpolish pictures a bit more interesting! -M

  4. Your manicures are always so perfect! Do you do them yourself? Any secrets?

  5. Thank you for saying they look perfect! I used to not really wear a lot of nailpolish but in the last year or so I kind of started to do it on a weekly basis because I feel like it really pulls a look together, and it helps me not bite my nails!

    Yes I do them myself once a week. What I do is after taking off the polish I have on I trim and then file my nails. Then I use one of those four sided nail file sponges to buff my nails. After that I use another four sided sponge that has different textures on each side like a buffer and a shiner. After that I just apply a good thick coat (not too thick) and then a second. I always use a top coat. With the top coat you don't have to be too precise, it is clear and once your nails dry you can either pick it off or usually I find that it comes off skin when you wash your hands. I think you have inspired me to do a photo blog post of how I do my nails and what I use. Thanks again for the compliment it means a lot! -M

  6. That color is gorgeous. I always paint my nails those kinds of colors. They really make your hands pop! xx

  7. oh I want this nail polish color!